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Your Future. On Display.

Samsung Display Solutions inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. Globally, Samsung offers a comprehensive portfolio of display solutions for offices, meeting rooms, retail, entrances and more. 
Over the years, the shopping experience has evolved towards mainly online transactions as opposed to in-store shopping. While buying online is convenient, it lacks the instant gratification of buying something in a shop, as well as the face-to-face interaction with shop employees. To make the most of this customer experience, Samsung created Digital Signage to enhance the buying experience by visually engaging customers and providing additional information to the customer. This new technology increases customer satisfaction while shopping in-store and brings customers back to the shop for future purchases.

To welcome visitors to your business, you need to attract their attention. Consider bright, high visibility displays that exude the quality of your business. Samsung's LED signage can deliver a remarkable viewing experience even before a customer enters. 
Samsung's Outdoor Signage elevates outdoor branding with its bold and engaging image quality, delivering content that helps any business stand out from the competition. Thanks to the increased light output of these displays, the content on the displays is also easy to see in outdoor and bright sunlight. 
The lobby is your entrance, the moment when customers get a first impression. Consider Samsung's "The Wall All-in-One" which ensures that this moment is maximised. In addition, the Wall All-in-One is a lot more energy-efficient compared to other video walls. 
Employees and visitors depend entirely on digital information and wayfinding. Samsung's interactive displays can use interactive maps to help all visitors get to their locations exactly on time. Samsung's interactive displays also include the Flip series. The Flip models are ideal for use during meetings, as well as in classrooms. 
Meeting rooms
Every meeting room should be equipped with a large, highly visible screen that can be used in no time to hold efficient meetings. Click here for displays that will give your meeting room an upgrade. 
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