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dvLED Specialist

Sharp/NEC Display Solutions offers user-friendly solutions such as LCD displays, projectors, dvLED solutions, 8K and 5G technology, collaboration solutions, IoT and AI-driven information, sensors and calibration software.
With an extensive total solutions partner network, Sharp/NEC offers a wide range of solutions to many different industries, including retail, enterprise, education, entertainment, transportation, energy, utilities and more. 
Solutions from Sharp/NEC
Digital Signage
Increase audience engagement
Digital Signage is increasingly common in public spaces and business areas. It is the medium to communicate with a diverse audience that is often on the move. Eye-catching content grabs the attention of passers-by with messages designed to stand out from other media 'noise'. 

Meeting & Conferencing
All-inclusive engagement and efficiency
From small meeting rooms to large conference rooms, companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency by sharing skills and knowledge, while striving to reduce operational costs. In a meeting room, it is very important that everyone can easily read the content of a presentation, large format displays from Sharp/NEC are the right solution for this.

Increase customer engagement and make a significant impact on your sales increase
Retail Signage creates a more engaged in-store customer experience and connects with today's savvy shoppers. Appealing and animated content that attracts shoppers and the ability to relay information in real-time are key factors for success. Retail Signage becomes an essential part of a shop when you want to get your message across to your potential customers. Drive sales through interactivity with Retail Signage from Sharp/NEC. 

Engagement, interaction and results with social and environmental values
With digital media surrounding us every minute of every day, schools and universities need to follow this trend and make teaching and learning both physical and digital. This, in turn, will lead to better learning outcomes, the ultimate goal!

Large spaces
Presenting the bigger picture
Large rooms and large numbers of viewers mean larger viewing distances. To provide an experience that has energy and impact, AV support must reinforce the scale of its offering with audio and visual installations that meet the needs. Upon entering an impressively large venue, the audience is tense with expectation - with high expectations, the visual medium must deliver content that captivates and fascinates the audience - in this scenario, size is everything!