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Take control of your meeting rooms

Reserva meeting room booking software dynamically links to your calendar system. Book meetings & conferences more efficiently with our compact digital meeting room signage.

Room Signs

Interactive meeting room bookings are dynamically link to your calendar / timetabling system. Reserva room signage clearly shows the current status of a meeting or conference room along with a summary of information about current and scheduled meetings. Book meeting rooms and easily extend / shorten or cancel reservations from your interactive touchscreen. Meeting check in functionality also helps manage ‘no show’ and improves workspace utilisation.

ONELAN Transforming Room Booking with New Reserva Edge Solution - ONELAN  Digital Signage

Show information about meetings in a range of conference rooms all in one space. The Reserva Summary Screen / Wayfinder is free to use digital content which shows a list of upcoming meetings across a range of conference rooms. Room booking signage can be displayed in reception areas or beside lifts to allow staff and guests to quickly and easily find the location of their meeting. Our meeting room scheduling software’s content can be displayed full screen or in a multi-zone layout on any ONELAN NTB or interactive Reserva conference room screen.

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