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The best platform for interactive learning

Discover a revolution in education with Promethean, the leading platform that enables teachers and students to collaborate, create and learn in an interactive digital environment. With cutting-edge technologies and innovative tools, Promethean puts the power of learning directly in the hands of students, ensuring engagement, inspiration and success.
Why Promethean?
Interactive learning
Promethean transforms traditional classrooms into engaging and dynamic environments. Thanks to their interactive whiteboard, the ActivPanel, and educational software, teachers can teach in a way that engages and motivates students. Use touch and writing features, collaborate on assignments and encourage active participation from every student.

Collaborative learning experiences
Promethean allows students to collaborate and share information in real time. Using the ActivInspire software, they can participate in group activities, jointly create projects and share knowledge with their classmates. This promotes healthy collaboration and prepares students for the challenges of the modern world.

Personalisation and differentiation
Every student is unique, and Promethean understands the importance of differentiation in education. Our adaptive learning tools allow teachers to tailor content to each student's individual needs and abilities. This gives each student a personalised learning experience that supports their growth and development.

Rich educational resources
Promethean offers an extensive library of educational resources readily available to teachers and students. With thousands of interactive lessons, activities and multimedia content, teachers can enrich their lessons and encourage students to dig deeper and feed their curiosity.

Support and training
Promethean goes beyond just providing technology. They offer comprehensive support and training to teachers so they can realise Promethean's full potential. From personal coaching to online training and professional development, Promethean is always ready to help teachers integrate Promethean into their teaching practices.

Discover the power of ActivPanels for business success
Promethean offers not only innovative educational solutions, but also powerful tools for business environments. With ActivPanels, you can take the way you collaborate, present and communicate with your team members to the next level. Take advantage of the latest technologies and enjoy a seamless and interactive experience that drives your business success.

Discover the power of Promethean for education or business environments here. Contact us today for a demo or to learn more about how ActivPanels can transform your organisation.