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  • The top five edtech trends set to transform education in 2021 according to Airtame

    24 February 2021, Ridderkerk

    2020 Was a big year for the education sector, with Covid-19 completely transforming the way we teach and learn. While schools and ...
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  • Vogel’s motorized trolley for LED walls and LCD

    08 February 2021,

    LED walls provide a grand visual spectacle with their bezel-less design, impressive brightness, wide viewing angle and imposing di...
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  • DTEN Promo's

    05 February 2021, Ridderkerk

    DTEN offers two promotions unitll March 31st.
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  • Meet them where they are: Displaying the patient journey with Samsung

    01 February 2021, Ridderkerk

    Questions, concerns and a wide range of emotions are present in every medical center, underlining the importance of accurate, time...
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  • How to Enhance the Audio Experience When Working From Home

    01 February 2021,

    The increase in remote working has created a necessity for clear and effective audio when joining video conferences from a home...

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  • 5 Reasons why a Samsung QBR display belongs in your office

    26 January 2021, Ridderkerk

    Displays are a must have in the office. In the boardroom, where you present with razor-sharp graphics and animations. At the entra...
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  • The LG Line-up in one overview!

    21 January 2021, Ridderkerk

    View the complete LG LFD line-up in one easy overview! Most LG products are available directly from stock at Van Domburg Partners ...
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  • The Samsung LFD lineup in one overview!

    14 January 2021, Ridderkerk

    Check out the current Samsung LFD lineup and easily compare specs.
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  • LG and Van Domburg Partners announce strategic partnership

    04 January 2021, Ridderkerk

    Major players join forces for wide availability of high-quality audio-visual equipment
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  • BrightSign's solutions in the new normal

    16 November 2020, Ridderkerk

    BrightSign has multiple solutions that help companies in the new normal to resume their business. 
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  • Promo! All-in-one 130" Samsung LED Bundle Solution

    30 October 2020, Ridderkerk

    Benefit temporarily from a super competitive promotional price on the 130" Samsung LED Bundle So...
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  • Seeing is believing

    26 October 2020,

    Projecting to the future met NEC 4K-ready laser projectoren. Dicount on NEC Demo Units, up to 50%!

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  • 10 Reasons why LED has become so popular

    15 October 2020, Ridderkerk

    There is a reason why LED has become so popular.
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  • The new normal of working: A healthy employee’s journey

    11 September 2020, Ridderkerk

    Offices and other workplaces are operating differently — possibly forever — due to the un...
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  • The new normal of shopping: A healthy buyer’s journey

    20 August 2020, Ridderkerk

    In addition to longtime factors like price, selection and convenience, health safety is a consideration for consumers who are deci...
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  • Try the Airtame 2 for free for 14 days now!

    06 July 2020, Ridderkerk

    Would you like to experience the possibilities of the Airtame 2 for yourself?
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  • Try Mersive for free for 30 days now!

    01 July 2020, Ridderkerk

    Mersive now gives you the opportunity to try a Solstice Demo Pod for free for 30 days!
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  • Navigating the new normal: Using smart digital signage in a changed retail environment

    03 June 2020, Ridderkerk

    After facing an unprecedented disruption in business operations, retailers across multiple industries are in various stages of ...

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