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Outdoor & High Brightness

Always visible

A high brightness display ensures that your content is always clearly visible, regardless of environmental factors such as bright sunlight. High brightness displays can be found outdoors in special enclosures, but also in shop windows. 

High brightness
Within our portfolio we have several high brightness displays from Samsung, NEC, DynaScan and Peerless, ranging from 32" to 86". You can use the displays stand-alone, but they can also be used in various kiosk and casing solutions. Think for example of the kiosk solutions from Peerless AV.

LED (Indoor & outdoor)
There is a reason why the demand for LED displays is growing. As the price of LED displays falls - an expected trend as technology matures - they also give AV integrators and resellers more flexibility. 

LED displays have a high light output, which often results in brighter content. In addition, the LED tiles have no bezel, allowing you to create 1 seamless image. LED also offers you the possibility to create different aspect ratios and has a longer lifespan.

In addition, the resolution of LED screens is greatly improved by the smaller pixel pitch. Indoor LED is mainly used in shops and offices. A high end boardroom or entrance becomes even more impressive with an LED display. Our suppliers also offer out of the box solutions in the following formats: 110", 130", 138", 165" and 220" in Full HD resolution. These solutions are easy to apply in, for example, a meeting room or training room. Van Domburg Partners supplies LED solutions from Samsung, Absen & NEC and we like to think along with you to select the right LED display for your project.