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Mi Workspace

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Digitise and transform your workplace with UMA
UMA offers hybrid solutions that integrate Office365 and Google Workspace to connect your workplace calendar, collaboration software, and technology, resulting in valuable data insights and improved employee experiences.
Workplace Technology Platform
UMA provides a single pane-of-glass dashboard that allows you to monitor and manage all the technology in your workplace. Connect and manage your workplace technology in a centralised hub to drive data insight.
Resource scheduling
With UMA you can schedule and manage meeting spaces, hotdesks, parking spaces, lockers, bike-racks and any other workplace resources in seconds through a web interface, chatbot, mobile application and even using your voice. UMA easily integrates to your workplace calendar and is designed to provide simple, quick, user-friendly means to book and manage your workplace resources. UMA uses the booking data to provide business intelligence and actionable insight to help manage and adapt your workplace.
Integrations for data-insight
UMA is an open-platform, and it integrates with both enterprise software and workplace hardware.
By seamlessly connecting to your workplace calendar, business chat services and video collaboration tools UMA can deliver powerful user applications and data driven insight. UMA partner with best-in-class audio-visual device manufacturers and connect to internet-of-things sensors to deliver analytics and power automated user experiences. From UMA’s single pane-of-glass your workplace technology devices can be easily monitored and managed
Digitise your office floormaps
Creating a digital map user interface of your office floorplan allows you to assign resources such as desks, meeting rooms and lockers. Employees can book and manage these using UMA web, mobile and chatbot applications. Space can be reconfigured easily and tested in your virtual office, driven by utilisation data.

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