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All-in-One Video Conferencing Solutions

DTEN’s video conferencing systems are easy to set up right away and work for any sized conference meeting room to meet a range of needs.
Intuitive to use 
The DTEN portfolio of touch-enabled videoconferencing equipment makes all elements of starting and running an (online) meeting simple and seamless. Plug in the DTEN devices and they just work - saving time and energy that you can spent on other things on your to-do list. 
Adapted for Zoom 
DTEN's collaboration with Zoom, which began when they built their first prototype, ensures that Zoom works perfectly on its award-winning screens. DTEN's solutions are compatible with Windows and Android devices, making video collaboration more widely accessible.
Collaboration Equity
Working remotely doesn't have to feel remote. Create experiences that allow your hybrid workforce to collaborate even when they are physically separated. 
DTEN's solutions
This AI-powered All-in-One solution transforms any meeting room into a modern workspace. The D7X is a certified Zoom Rooms device and Microsoft Teams certification is ongoing. The DTEN D7X is available as a Windows or Android variant in 55" or 75". 
DTEN D7 is the leading all-in-one video conferencing solution designed specifically for Zoom on Windows, making video conferencing on computers and remotely more accessible.
The DTEN D7 is available in 55" or 75", both dual and single. 
The DTEN ME is built to provide the ideal meeting experience, for both at home and in smaller, personal workspaces. 
DTEN ON is specifically designed to engage all employees in hybrid work, with video conferencing, whiteboarding and real-time annotation. The DTEN ON is available in 55".  
The DTEN GO converts any screen into a meeting solution, with 160-degree camera view, 12 microphone arrays and noise cancelling, hybrid working has never been easier. 
DTEN Mate is designed to provide an intuitive solution for monitoring, planning and managing Zoom Rooms meetings.