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LG Information Display is a global business partner that focuses on many different industries such as luxury home, Business, Retail, Transportation, Hospitality and Education.
Digital Signage
LG's standard displays are optimised for different markets to meet customers' needs.

An almost seamless video wall provides an artistic experience for the viewer.

High Brightness
With excellent visibility and reliable performance, High Brightness displays are the perfect solution to display advertising and information outdoors.

An interactive display is an all-in-one solution for effective meetings. The touch display makes it easy to present things or take notes.

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OLED Signage
Transparent OLED
LG Transparent OLED Signage offers a new way of communicating visually and opens up a new level of creativity that ordinary Digital Signage cannot offer.

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LED Signage
Indoor LED
LG has a full line-up of indoor LED from super-small pixel pitch to the standard indoor pixel pitch, for various indoor applications such as retail or corporate.

Outdoor LED
LG's outdoor LED solutions are available in various models. Outdoor LED is specifically designed for outdoor applications, such as in stadiums, as well as outdoor advertising and public displays.

Check out all of LG's LED Signage on our website.

The hospitality industry is rapidly changing and becoming more innovative with emerging technologies. Within this industry, the application possibilities for displays are endless. For example, welcome guests with a personalised message or create a wow factor in the lobby with digital art.

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