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Storage & Transport

Van Domburg Transport is one of Van Domburg Partners' partners in the field of Storage and Transport. The origins of Van Domburg Partners lie with this family business that started in 1951 as a garage in Rotterdam. An enterprising family, which besides maintenance and repairs of cars, the then emerging transport industry to start a transport and storage company. In 1985 the first transport for Samsung was driven. In addition to logistics and storage.

When Samsung and Van Domburg saw that there was a market for Large Format Displays, they took the opportunity to set up and further develop cooperation with Samsung in this market. This resulted in the foundation of Van Domburg Partners in 2005. Van Domburg Transport continued as a specialist in the field of Storage and Transport. Together with Samsung, Van Domburg has grown to become Van Domburg Partners and Van Domburg Transport. A driven company where affinity, reliability and flexibility are highly valued.

At the request of our partners Van Domburg Transport takes care of the storage and logistics of displays and other equipment. Here too, it applies here that we only take care of transport on behalf of our partners, never directly for the end customer. For all trade fairs where Samsung participates, Today, the building in Ridderkerk, where Van Domburg Partners and Van Domburg Transport jointly house, offers 12,000 m2 of secure storage and a team of skilled drivers and logistics staff .