Login of Service
For the registration of Service, we kindly ask you to provide the appropriate request form to be filled in via: www.lgsolutions.nl/service-request.

For other questions, please send an e-mail to b2b.lgbenelux@lge.com.
or contact us by phone number: 0900 543 2222
You will receive a confirmation from us within 48 hours.

Standard repair under warranty
In the case of a standard repair, the device must be ready for service. stand. LG Service does not disassemble or mount units from the wall. For disassembling and assembling units can be a special service form are taken from LG. LG is also not responsible for the customer software or content that is not standard from LG.

What to expect;
LGEBN guarantees that all requests made through our Service will come within 7 working days to be resolved. Exceptions to this are Service Requests:
- Run through SI's.
- on the customer's request must be scheduled later than 7 working days.
- are included in quotes for "out of warranty" requests.

Damage Procedures
Damage and / or damage to a product and / or the packaging fall not under the DOA conditions of LG and cannot as such are logged in. In these cases, the damage procedure is as follows described applies.

Transport damage
This refers to damage caused during the transport process, visibly damaging the packaging:
Product damage
A distinction is made between two damage cases: