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DOA's (Death On Arrival; the device is not working by arrival, the packaging is undamaged) Please go to your supplier.

Note from supplier August 2021:
We have recently seen some issues with the Airtame 2 devices being unable to connect with the display. This occurs primarily with a small number of Samsung, LG screens and Epson projectors, and only on Airtame 2 devices that have shipped since June 3rd 2021.

The issue is limited to a small number of screens and projectors, and is unlikely to impact the majority of your customers. If you the issue does occur with you, please check the serial number on the Airtame website: You will also be able to contact our Technical Support team via that same link.

Any impacted devices will have to be returned directly to Airtame to remediate the issue, and will be processed.
Van Domburg Partners will be able to swap it for you when there is available stock.