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​A service request for Absen kan by submitted via Van Domburg Partners.

Please send an e-mail to support@vandomburg.nu with the following information:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • E-mail address
  • Product
  • Serial number
  • Description of the issue
  • Date of purchase

Not functioning panels have to be send to Van Domburg Partners in the original packaging.
1 Van Domburg Partners will send a replacing panel form the spare stock ( unless the panel is connected to a specific order).
2 Van Domburg Partners will send the defect panels to PSCo
3 PSCo will repair and send the panels back to Van Domburg Partners
4 Van Domburg Partners will send the panels to the address of your choice.
5 When the panel is damaged due to installation, repair costs will be charged to your account.

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