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Hospitality & entertainment

Enhance customer experience

Within the hospitality industry, the application possibilities for the displays are endless. For example, use Samsung's Hotel TVs to put a message in your name so that guests feel right at home. 

Show hotel facilities on the professional displays
Through the displays in the hotel rooms you can show all hotel facilities such as the time for breakfast, the opening hours of the hotel bar and gym, information about the laundry service and the wificode. If you opt for an interactive touchscreen, you can also have your guests book directly for the gym, wellness or restaurant, for example. If you let your guests check in and out via the displays, this can even save you costs. Use the interactive touchscreen displays for this.

Digital information supply with displays
Of course you can also use the displays for all general information in your hotel. For example, the displays show the meeting locations, the opening hours of the restaurant or information about activities in the area. The displays can of course also be used for signposting. 

Visitors to indoor and outdoor events are provided with information via the displays: news, promotions, signage and, of course, the score at a sporting event. With fun information on the displays you can make waiting times for visitors more pleasant and with interactive displays you can let the visitors search for information themselves.
But there's more to it than that. On large screens you can show an almost lifelike repetition of a beautiful goal during a match, or at a concert a close-up of the artist, giving everyone the feeling of having a spot in the front row.
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