Leasing is very common
Leasing is very common. Also in the world of professional screens and related products. Because leasing a professional screen and any maintenance offers important advantages over purchasing. Van Domburg Partners has contacts with all major lease companies and gladly facilitates our partners with solutions that are aimed at seamlessly aligning the product composition with the daily needs of the end customer. A complete infrastructure for a fixed amount per month and, if desired, including maintenance.

The advantages of leasing:
  • The monthly lease costs are clear, stable, well-organized and favorable.
  • The screens and related products can be leased off-balance.
  • Leasing gives tax benefits and business benefits. Think of capital that can be used differently.
  • Scaling is easy. To expand? Other needs? Replace for latest model during or after running time? No problem.
  • A service contract can be negotiated with a number of lease companies, even if required 24/7
In short: when it comes to optimizing applications in digital signage, digital presence possibilities or ... .. without losing quality due to lack of budget, leasing is the answer