Vogel's PFW 6900: extra flat wall mount for XXL displays

03 August 2021, Ridderkerk

Especially for large displays from 80 to 120 inches weighing up to 160 kg, Vogel's has developed a solid, flat wall mount.

The Vogel's PFW 6900 wall mount has a depth of only 42 mm. Ease of installation is paramount. The wall mount features self-centering screws and a post-installation levelling function. This makes it possible to align the display perfectly, even after installation.

Ideal for touch screens
The mounting solution is ideally suited for mounting touch screens. Thanks to the integrated touch screen stabilizer, the screen is neatly adjusted vertically and stably hung on the wall. The locked service position ensures that the screen always remains securely attached to the wall during installation and maintenance, while the back of the display is easily accessible. The PFW 6900 wall mount features a theft-deterrent locking system and is TÜV-5 certified for maximum security.  

Click here to view the Vogel's PFW 6900 product video.

Key features PFW 6900:
- For XXL (touch) displays
- Extra flat bracket; only 42 mm deep
- Always perfectly aligned thanks to horizontal and vertical adjustment possibilities
- Locked service position
- Theft-retarding AutoLock locking system
- Quick and easy installation
- TÜV-5 certified

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