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How to put safety first in the post-lockdown world with Airtame

05 June 2020, Ridderkerk

If the last few months have taught us anything, it is that the world will be a different place post-lockdown. Few places will feel this more than in office spaces, where employee and visitor safety will become even more paramount.
Companies will be required to put health and safety at the forefront of all operations, and to implement stringent measures to limit the spread of the infections. Being able to efficiently communicate and update important health and safety information through
real- time updates, while finding ways to ensure meeting room safety without disrupting meetings, will therefore become a key challenge that businesses will need to address once offices reopen.

A post-lockdown essential for professional organizations
Airtame’s unified platform for sharing information across screens, provides numerous leading solutions to effectively create a safe environment for employees across the workplace.

Communicating in shared spaces
Hallways, offices, cafeterias and reception areas are high-risk infection areas due to the large number of employees and guests that will use them throughout the work day. Airtame provides a range of different options to tailor safety content across your offices, so you can nudge employees to comply with up to date safety regulations and to update them with relevant information at all times.

Meeting room Collaboration
Numerous new studies suggest that coronavirus can survive on metal, glass and plastic surfaces for days. This means that old meeting room favorites such as cables and dongles will be discouraged in the post-lockdown world. With Airtame, we provide a screen mirroring solution that works with all computer and mobile operating systems, that enables employees to share straight from their own devices. This means there is no need to touch other devices other than their own, and there is no
need to move to the front of the room to share content, creating a safe, collaborative meeting room environment.

Remote Screen Management
With the heightened importance of safety messaging, maintaining screens with up- to-date messaging will become an almost daily task for IT Workers. Being able to do this from the safety of their own office, or even from offsite, will become even more valuable to minimize risk of infection. No more traveling across the office complex updating screens manually, just simple, effective, remote screen management.
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