Discover the Neat Frame at Van Domburg Partners

13 March 2023, Ridderkerk

Neat Frame is a first of its kind portrait-oriented all-in one video device for Zoom and Microsoft Teams that fits anywhere. This is purposefully designed to cater for the multiple new workstyles and spaces companies and employees are now adopting.

The Neat Frame is a convenient touch screen device that is not only attractive for working from home or at the office, but also for hot desking, jump rooms, retail environments or as a virtual receptionist.
Space-saving device
Neat Frame's incredibly simple to set up and use, offers superior audio-visual quality and frees up your laptop or desktop computer for work, making meetings feel like less of a juggle between talking, listening, and shuffling windows of various content.
Look, feel and be at your best 
With its perfectly placed high-resolution wide-angle camera, Neat Frame allows for direct eye-level
communication for more natural and immersive interaction. Besides that, its bright digital display provides crystal clear imagery in a wide variety of settings, so you can rest assured the device will always present you and others in beautiful and elaborate detail. As a result, Neat Frame offers you the opportunity to always look, feel and be at your best, however or wherever you choose to meet or interact. At the same time, it gives you an optimized layout of people and content with touch control, bringing both to the forefront by filling more of the screen and reducing any wasted black areas.
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Check out Neat on our website or click on the video below to see how our colleagues collaborate easily using the Neat Frame.