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iBT, innovation becomes tangible

With iBT you are able to offer a high-quality solution within the educational market, among other things.

The interactive touchscreens of iBT: not just a touch screen, but the solution for you! Robust and reliable hardware, combined with innovation software, that is iBT.

With regard to the hardware, iBT chooses the best components available so that the offered warranty and service can be seen as "Best in Class". In addition to hardware, the software applications of iBT are also able to connect to existing learning methods in the educational market. This ensures continued investments and teaching methods. The interactive software has unique features that work together and optimize knowledge sharing.

The 10 reasons why you should choose an interactive touch screen from iBT

  • Robust and scratch-resistant touch screen
  • Easy to use
  • No calibration required
  • Supported by Android and compatible with Playstore so you can download the favorite apps as usual
  • Connect with your laptop / PC or Mac and go to work immediately
  • Option for an integrated Windows PC and all-in-one solution
  • Fantastic whiteboard sorftware that opens Smart and Promethean files and maintains all layers and animations, so access to your older files without the need for an extra fee
  • Direct access to your files in Google Drive, Dropbox, Smart Exchange and Promethean, so you can easily build your content
  • Screen mirroring and sharing files with other devices in space
  • Reliable technology with one of the lowest exit rates in the market
Matt Hunt, International Channel Development Manager iBT
"iBoardtouch has the vision to become marketleader in supplier for interactive touchscreens and software. Within the Educational as well as the business market we offer solutions of a high level. For our expansion in the Netherlands we have searched a strong AV distributor. We are very proud that Van Domburg Partners has included iBoardtouch screens in their portfolio. We are looking forward to a long and succesfull collaboration."
Matt Hunt, International Channel Development Manager iBT
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