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High brightness displays

DynaScan is an American manufacturer of large format displays and specialist in the field of high brightness LCDs, video wall screens and 360-degree screens.

DynaScan has a large range of screens in various sizes that are extremely suitable for outdoor applications due to the very high brightness. Their products are based on more than 15 years of experience, a strong background in engineering and specific experience in the audio and video industry. Dynascan helps its customers worldwide with solutions for retail and rental, the gaming and entertainment industry and various other sectors. Dynascan produces a wide range of professional high brightness thin bezel LCDs and also has a line with 360-degree LED video displays.

Why should you choose a High Brightness LCD from DynaScan?

World's Brightest LCDs
  • Light output up to 7,000 nits
  • Guaranteed maximum deterioration of light output is 10% for 5 years of daily use

Superior color quality
  • Every Dynascan display is factory calibrated on CIE D65 color standard (6.500K average daylight white)

Professional displays
  • Dynascan displays are designed for intensive use
  • Excellent heat management technology due to specialized design and manufacturing methods
  • High Tni panels prevent hot spots in the display below 110 ° C

Energy efficient
  • Lowest W / nit on the market
  • Dynascan local dimming solution for additional energy savings
  • Automatically or manually adjustable brightness control
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