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NT-232 SVSI Technician

09 - 10 October 2019, Ridderkerk

Learn the ins and outs of configuring and working with a true network-based audio/video system. Discuss system setup through control options, configure network switches and generate user interfaces utilizing the NCommand hardware and Panel Builder software.
Topics covered
  • Networking Fundamentals review
  • Wireshark
  • N-able software
  • Panel builder software

Required materials
  • SVSI N-able software

Exam / practical
  • NT260 Harman certified Networked AV Professional  Commissioning - Online Exam

Credits Earned
  • infoComm RUs -8

Certificated Earned
  • Harman Certififed Networked AV Professional  Commissioning (HCNP-C)
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