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Tech Benelux

25 May 2023

After a fantastic event in 2022, VDP's ISE returns in 2023. This year in a new format: Tech Benelux!

What products and innovations will you see at Tech Benelux?
During Tech Benelux, we bring all the innovations and latest products from ISE Barcelona to you. Experience the latest releases from all our brands in just one day at Van Domburg Partners. You can find these products at Tech Benelux:

  • Samsung The Wall All in One 146" 2K 1.6 pixel pitch
  • Samsung LFD 21:9
  • Absen Icon C series 21:9
  • LG transparent OLED
  • Sharp/NEC L2C
  • BrightSign XC5
  • DTEN D7X 75"
  • Dynascan DK-serie 65"
  • Chief Voyager cart
  • Peerless XTREME
  • Teammate Evolve
  • Holdan Benelux with their complete portfolio

New brand!
In addition to all the solutions featured, we will also be launching a new brand which we are adding to our portfolio. Which brand? You will find out at Tech Benelux!

Planning for the day: 
10:00 AM: Start event 
11:00 AM: Speaker Jenny Hicks - Market & User Trends
1:00 AM: Special Act
1:30 PM: Speaker David Beckett - The most frequent sales pitch you'll ever make!
3:00 PM: Speaker Jenny Hicks - Market & User Trends
4:30 PM: Special Act
6:00 PM: End of event

The most frequent sales pitch you'll ever make!
How do you answer the question: "What do you do?" Sometimes we over-explain, or give a rambling answer - and yet that first impression is so incredibly important. David Beckett is a sales pitch trainer, who has coached over 2000 startups and 30,000 professionals. In this practical talk, David will share the tools to prepare and practice the most frequent pitch you ever make!

Tech Benelux
  • Location: Kolenbranderstraat 10, 2984 AT Ridderkerk
  • Date: Thursday May 25th 2023
  • Time: Free entrance from 10:00 AM untill 18:00 PM

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Check out the video from last year for some inspiration!