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CT-232 AMX Installer

30 October - 01 November 2019, Ridderkerk

This instructor-led course focuses on the role of the installation technician and dives further into troubleshooting skills and techniques required at today’s demanding job sites. This test prep course will expose technicians to a multitude of tools and techniques as they work through a number of hands-on scenarios involving the assembly and configuration of various system types. These exercises will expose technicians to a wide range of systems from the smallest point-to-point solution all the way up to a larger master-to-master solution. Students will engage with AMX technologies like DXLink, Massio Controlpads, DVX & DGX systems, ICSLan expansion boxes, EDID settings, and DSP settings found on the Enova DVX.

Topics covered

  • Small to multi-room setup and configuration
  • Practice using AMX tools for setup and configuration
  • Testing connectivity and device communication
  • Assessing what is a haardware issue versus a software issue
  • Hands-on practice with a variety of AMX devices
  • Utilizing information learned from CT131/ CT132 in a 'live' environment

Required materials

  • None

Exam/ practical

  • CT260 Harman Certified Control Professional | Commissioning - online exam

Credits earned

  • InfoComm RUs- 12

Certificate earned

  • Harman Certified Control Professional | Commissioning (HCCP-C)
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