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CP-132 AMX Programmer II

25 - 29 November 2019, Ridderkerk

This classroom course for advanced programmers and support personnel focuses on the intermediate techniques for programming AMX control systems. A person completing this course will be able to program a NetLinx system. In this course, you will learn how to program an intermediate to advanced NetLinx control system using hands on, real world examples. You will learn ways to improve your code and make it more efficient. Topics include writing modules, using custom variables (structures) and sequenced events (timelines), and programming advanced master-to-master control and switching systems. You will also learn to handle gestures and near-field communication on a Modero X touch panel.

Topics covered

  • IP Communication  (File read/ write)
  • Write modules (master-to-master programming)
  • Structures (Bitwise operation)
  • Timeline_Event ((Advanced touch panel programming)
  • Custom_Events (programming efficiencies)

Required materials

  • Netlinx Studio, Touch Panel Design

Exam/ practical

  • CP260 Harman Certified Control Asociate | Programming - Onine exam
  • CP261 Harman certified Control Asociate | Programming - Practical exam

Credits earned

  • InfoComm RUs - 20

Certificate Earned

  • Harman Certified Control Professional | Programming (HCCP-P)
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