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Displays, LED

SMART Signage

Samsung is the most sold brand in the SMART signage displays market in the Netherlands due to its high quality, sleek design and favourable price. The displays can be used in various market segments, such as retail, the business market, education, healthcare and hospitality. Samsung's SMART Signage takes the conventional viewing experience to a higher level thanks to the realistic and attractive content. These displays are supported by the best image quality in their class, bringing creative ideas to life. Companies and organizations are able to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs and entertains people. 

Samsung SMART LED Signage combines best-in-class image quality with a reliable design that allows forward-thinking businesses to reach a higher level. LED displays align color calibration, video processing and content creation tools to give more brilliant visual expression. 

SMART Hospitality Displays
Sophisticated on-screen engagement with Samsung Hospitality displays. The SMART Hospitality displays offer hotels new and exciting ways to delight and engage their guests while simultaneously improving their own operational efficiency.
Thijs van Riemsdijk, Channel Manager Display, Samsung Netherlands
'Samsung is simular to Van Domburg Partners. Whether it is about translating the latest innovations to solutions or working in a very professional environment. The collaboration with Van Domburg Partners is a guarantee for Samsung in giving the customers the best possible solution.
Thijs van Riemsdijk, Channel Manager Display, Samsung Netherlands
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