The last wireless presentation system you'll ever need

Mersive Solstice is the most intuitive and engaging wireless collaboration platform available. Solstice allows any number of users to securely and wirelessly share any amount of content from laptops and mobile devices to the room display. In addition to sharing, users can easily manipulate and markup the on-screen content without any awkward pauses in the discusssion.

Meet Solstice 

Solstice blends award-winning technology, ease of use, and cost efficiency into a platform that enables teams to collaborate and innovate through dynamic, engaging, and inclusive meetings that can take place in any workspace. Solstice goes beyond wireless content sharing. From meeting analytics and 4K UHD display support to digital signage playback and room calendar integration, the Solstice platform will improve user adoption and enhance your technology stack.

Easy to set up and use

Install: Power on your Pod then connect it to your display using an HDMI cable.
Set Up: Connect the Pod to your local network.
Configure: Use the Solstice Dashboard or the Pod’s configuration panel to set additional network settings and customize your Pod.
Download: Follow the on-screen instructions to download the Solstice App to your laptop or mobile device.
Collaborate: Open the app, connect to the display, and start collaborating.

A platform equipped for your meeting room needs
  • Kepler is a powerful deployment monitoring and meeting analytics product designed to improve large-scale Solstice deployments and measure product use and adoption.
  • Solstice Ink allows users to wirelessly mark up displayed content from anywhere in the room by simply pointing and drawing with their smartphone.
  • Multi-room allows multiple Solstice-enabled rooms on the network to share content as if all participants were in the same room.
  • Digital Signage extends the ability to play HTML-based signage content on Solstice-enabled displays bringing digital signage capabilities into all meeting spaces.
  • The Solstice Dashboard provides technology managers with a tool to configure, monitor, manage, and control all the Solstice endpoints across the host network — from one or multiple admin workstation(s).ge content on Solstice-enabled displays bringing digital signage capabilities into all meeting spaces.
  • Calendar Integration allows any Solstice-enabled display to receive calendar data to show the schedule for the meeting space.
  • iOS YouTube App Streaming support allows users to stream directly from the YouTube app using its native streaming implementation.
  • iOS Mirroring and Miracast support allow users to wirelessly share content onto a display using the native screen mirroring capabilities of all major operating systems -Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS – even in cases when a user doesn’t have the Solstice app.